Trends: Jewelry & Accessories

Wedding guests may ooh and ah over the bride’s gown, but it’s the details that take her look over the top. According to Gail Pav, sales director with Pav & Broome Fine Jewelry in Gulfport, brides are embracing of-the-moment accents that reflect their personality and grab attention.

2020 will be the year for untraditional shapes and colors, with more of a bohemian vibe. Now is the time to express yourself loudly and proudly. It’s time to be unapologetically, uniquely you.

Yellow gold, which is new to millennials, has resurged in popularity, adding even more color at the base level. Stacks (stackable rings, bracelets, etc.) and layers (layering necklaces) add a certain flair and individuality to the mix. Even stone shapes have evolved from the traditional solitaire or round to oval, pear and emerald cuts.