Getting the most out of your floral consultation

Getting the most out of your floral consultation

by Rachel Bond


Flowers are a memorable part of any wedding, so planning for it should be fun and enjoyable. Who doesn’t love looking at beautiful blooms? The most important factors to keep in mind when meeting with a potential wedding florist are color scheme, style and budget.




Color scheme is important because it will be carried throughout all of your décor and will tie everything together. When choosing flowers, have a few colors and/or shades in mind. A helpful hint is to pick up paint color swatches from a local home improvement store. Select hues that complement your wedding colors without trying to match exactly. Because flowers are unique and natural, they will not be identical for every wedding. Choose a range of shades in your color scheme. This will add dimension while also allowing your florist to choose seasonal blooms. Seasonal flowers always look best and provide the most value for your money.



Style is another important aspect to convey to your florist. Do you prefer the loose, natural style of a garden wedding, or a more modern, minimalist design? Coordinating the same style throughout your wedding brings a cohesive, polished look. If you are unsure of your style, simply bring some photos you’ve found online or in wedding magazines. You and your florist can brainstorm from there, and he or she will show you examples of flowers that work with your particular style.




Budget may not be something you want to think about or even discuss with a stranger, but it is the last piece of the puzzle for your florist to create your dream wedding design. Since flowers may not be something you purchase every day, a simple formula can help you narrow down your price point: Flowers should cost about 10 percent of your overall budget. For example, if you are planning to spend $25,000 for your entire wedding, flowers will probably cost around $2,500. You should also let your florist know if flowers are really important to you, or if you would be willing to cut back in order to stay within your budget.

Always trust your florist. Not everything you see online is realistic for your wedding. A professional florist can let you know all of the options and help direct you to the best choices. Let us help you create the wedding of your dreams!


Rachel Bond is the owner/designer of Pine Hills Floral Designs in Pass Christian. Reach her at (228) 669-7900 or visit

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