Registry advice…

By Kennedy Miazza White, owner of Martin Miazzi

If you don’t have fun setting up your Bridal Registry then you just don’t know how to have fun. It’s the only time in your life when you can make a “wish list” of all the things that you would like to have, and your friends and family will buy them for you.

In the past 25 years that I have been working in this business, I have noticed some changing trends. Today, when brides are registering, many bring in a pattern from their grandmother or mother which is a wonderful way to have an heirloom and make it your own. You can easily take a beautiful old china pattern and mix an Annieglass salad, charger, or even an updated pattern with it and turn something that didn’t feel quite like yours into something you couldn’t imagine living without. Furthermore, I think more brides are registering for fine china. Fifteen years ago everyone wanted painted pottery, but now it seems like the tide has turned back to registries that include formal place settings.

There is so much talk of Millennials, and how they entertain differently from Baby Boomers
and Traditionalists, but I think that Mississippi Millennials are different. Mississippians love to entertain, and we do it with such style and grace. Therefore, when I talk about changing trends in the bridal world I don’t want you to think that we are falling behind in some way. In fact, Mississippians are putting together beautiful formal place settings which include crystal, linens and serving pieces. So, girls, put together a fabulous registry and start entertaining!

White operates Martin Miazza, 1208 Pass Road, Gulfport. Reach her at (228) 863-1252.