What to expect from a professional makeup artist

by Jackie Merlau | jmerlaumakeup.com

You may already know you want to hire a makeup artist for your wedding, but do you know what should be expected from a professional artist on the most important day of your life? Here are some tips to help!



You should find a makeup artist who is passionate about what they do. I believe 85 percent of your makeup experience has a lot to do with the relationship you create with your artist. You are looking for someone who is not only talented at their craft, but who also makes you feel relaxed, happy and beautiful. Spend time building this relationship. From the engagement photos to the wedding day, work with one artist who can get to know you and your makeup preferences.



Contracts are an important part in any business transaction. Having all the prices, day of schedule and the location details written out is a great way to stay organized and avoid confusion. Be sure you both know what your expectations are of each other and have it in writing to keep everyone organized and on the same page.


Photography by Jackie Merlau



It is important that every bride meets with their wedding makeup artist prior to the big day. This is a great time to see how your makeup will look and an even better time to make changes or adjustments. This is the time to be picky and specific. The last thing you want is to worry how your makeup will turn out on the actual day. When you know what your artist is capable of, you can be comforted to trust and rely on them.



Keep in mind that there are makeup artists for different types of work. You have artists for film, fashion, special effects and weddings. Make sure your artist can create a look that not only photographs beautifully, but also remains intact. You will be dancing, crying, kissing, drinking and eating. You want to be sure your makeup lasts all night, looks flawless and continues to be photogenic.



You want an artist who knows the wedding industry and will help make things flow for you. Make sure you have a reliable artist who will arrive early to set up, start on time and stay on schedule. I personally like to help my brides put together the makeup appointment schedule prior to the date. And most importantly, make sure your artist brings a makeup kit full of products needed for all skin types, tones and textures for everyone having their makeup done.



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