Your special day needs a professional makeup artist

Your special day needs a professional makeup artist

by Jackie Merlau  |


A bride spends countless hours picking out the perfect dress and planning the most beautiful celebration for her wedding day. However, although you may be great at applying your own makeup and the stress of the budget may be weighing on you, it is highly recommended to keep a professional makeup artist on hand. After all, this is the day you dream of looking and feeling your absolute best, so here are four reasons why you should consider calling in a pro:



A professional makeup artist knows what is required to get a bride and her bridal party ready for the big day. The artist will help set a schedule, plan a consultation and answer any questions or concerns leading up to the big day. The artist will then arrive at your location of choice and apply your makeup for you. Just sit back and sip a mimosa while you gently close your eyes and allow the fancy makeup brushes to massage your face. This will offer you an hour of relaxation and after spending months planning a wedding, you should treat yourself to a moment of peace.



These artists have some of the best products that can only be purchased from specialty makeup stores in big cities around the world. They carry every skin tone, creams, powders, liquids and sticks. They have something for everyone that is high-end and longwearing. Artists also are always learning about top trends and what works best for each skin type or eye shape. In addition, you will get clean and sanitized product and brushes because after all, sanitizing our kits is a bit of a religion to us!




You will be kissing, dancing, eating and crying so it’s important to make sure you continue to look flawless and beautiful throughout your entire wedding. Professional makeup artists should be able to take pride in the longevity of their work, especially since they are constantly researching the best longwearing products for brides.



You have hired a photographer to be your own personal paparazzi for this special day, which means every moment will be photographed and every photograph will be treasured for the rest of your lives. It is said a bride needs to wear about 30 percent more makeup on her wedding day than she does in real life. Why? So it photographs well. An experienced artist will make sure you have the right amount of makeup while still looking like yourself and remaining flawless.

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